S  E  R  V   I  C   E  S

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Transforming speciality into reliability

With Seasky’s experience and specialisation in inter modal transport operations, cargo to all major destination in Russia is handled safety and with complete reliability. Seasky's customised services encompass all three modes of transportation i.e. Land, Air and Sea for various types of shipments & operations.   

The services include on-carriage / forwarding of cargo/containers (Dry and Reefer) from Finnish gateway ports i.e. Kotka and Helsinki to inland destinations in Russia.

Through our network, we own a fleet of trucks with multiple chassis options, therefore offering a safe & quality service with guaranteed transit time at very competitive rates, for all type and size of shipments.


    • Project & Refer Cargo
    • All Major Destinations in Russia
    • All Types of Cargo
    • Inter Model Transport
    • Customised Transportation through Land, Air & Sea Operation